Temporal Planners

This section provides links to Temporal planners, which plan for domains requiring a more complex notion of time, able to handle actions with different durations and which may overlap each other.

LPG developed by Alfonso Gerevini and Ivan Serina from the University of Brescia.

parcPLAN from IC-Parc (Imperial College Centre for Planning and Resource Control (UK)).

SAPA from Minh B. Do and Rao Kambhampati from Yochan research group at Arizona State University.

TALplanner developed by Patrick Doherty and Jonas Kvarnström at Linköping University. Uses a Temporal Action Logic which enables it to plan for incompletely specified dynamic worlds.

TGP Temporal Graphplan, from Dan Weld et al at the University of Washington.

TLplan from Fahiem Bacchus and Michael Ady at the University of Toronto.

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