Heuristic Search Planners

Heuristic search planners search state space with a heuristic that can be extracted automatically from the problem encoding, and then combined with standard search algorithms. Success is influenced by factors such as the choice of heuristic, search algorithm and search direction. They are arranged here in alphabetical order.

AltAlt from Rao Kambhampati's Yochan research group at Arizona State University.

FF and Metric-FF from Jörg Hoffmann at Albert-Ludwigs University, Freiburg. Awarded for Outstanding Performance at the 2nd International Planning Competition and Top Performer in the Strips Track of the 3rd International Planning Competition.

GRT, MO-GRT from Ioannis Refanidis at University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece.

HSP and HSP2.0 from Hector Geffner and Blai Bonet, Universidad Simon Bolivar.

LPG developed by Alfonso Gerevini and Ivan Serina from the University of Brescia.

SAPA from Minh B. Do and Rao Kambhampati from Yochan research group at Arizona State University.

VHPOP from Håkan Younes at Carnegie Mellon University.

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