The roadmap document is the result of workshops and consultations between researchers in the knowledge engineering technical coordination unit of PLANET. It is aimed at researchers who would like to pursue research problems in this important area, and as a guide to those about to engage in a knowledge-based planning project. It assumes that the reader is already aware of AI planning research.

We are planning the roadmap so that it begins with a taxonomy of knowledge engineering issues, then postulates a general and formally-biased `rich picture' for the role of knowledge engineering in AI planning. It will examine specific issues and topics (such as the role of machine learning) that one might want to consider if engaged in engineering a planning domain model. Next it will deal with languages for encoding planning domain models, their requirements and form and content. Finally, it will describe the specific role of knowledge engineering in each of the applied PLANET TCU areas.

THE ROADMAP DOCUMENT - AUGUST 2003 (in pdf) (in ps)

OLD ROADMAP DOCUMENT (online document)

Slides of Roadmap Talk given at Marseille, March 2000

Summary of the Roadmap

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